gut (gut) wrote,

December 1st 2008 - The Move.

I moved into my room today!

It has been at least 2 and a half years since I have slept in my own bed.

I have a bed now, it rocks! It is made of foam and was here when I got here along with some other awesome things and some horribly unspeakable things.

Awesome Things:

A foam bed!
A sweet wig!
A bookshelf,
A bench,
A droopy balloon animal giraffe,
A lamp.

Unspeakable Things:
No. Never to speak of.

I also found a sweet tabley-shelfy-thing in the alley outside of the Kave, and it is now optimizing the space here for my boxes. And I found my old sheets in storage, which I didn't think were there! AND I WAS COOKING AND SOME OF MY BOWLS ARE STILL HERE!!!!

They are like friends that talk to me while I'm cooking. I have actually missed them.

I also have awesome house-mates, and there is a kitten who lives here!

It is a good day :)
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