January 18th, 2010


15 years of Floating Seeds.

It's been a long time since I have felt this good. But I must say, I'm feeling very good.

I have come to a solid conclusion about life and love and I think I'm over the past.

My conclusion is that love is all about circumstance. Pursuing love on any other basis, can work out, but adds a layer of complexity and artificiality. So, I have know for years but have looked for other answers to confirm it by contradiction...

Love is standing in a field where those seed fuzzies are floating through the air. If you grab at them, the pressure will displace them, and you will have nothing. Nay, all you must do is stand in the field and wait with hands out, and the seed will get caught on the imperfections in your skin. Then you may choose to slowly close your hand around the seed...or not.

I have known this since I was 16, but patience is boring, and I get easily distracted and caught up.

Anyway, the point is that I'm feeling very good about life.