Job Interview

Them: What would you do to help kids who are struggling with math?

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Them: What would you do to help kids who are struggling with math?

Me: <Some answer based on my previous work, I talk about locking students in a room.>

Them: How would you help students if we asked you to teach an Algebra 1 or 2 class?

Me: Well I'd hate to teach Algebra 1 because that class is a lie.

Them: We would like you to teach Algebra 1 here. Do what you have to do. You have my full support.

There may have been more dialog between some of these lines, but that was pretty much how it went down.

December 1st 2008 - The Move.

I moved into my room today!

It has been at least 2 and a half years since I have slept in my own bed.

I have a bed now, it rocks! It is made of foam and was here when I got here along with some other awesome things and some horribly unspeakable things.

Awesome Things:

A foam bed!
A sweet wig!
A bookshelf,
A bench,
A droopy balloon animal giraffe,
A lamp.

Unspeakable Things:
No. Never to speak of.

I also found a sweet tabley-shelfy-thing in the alley outside of the Kave, and it is now optimizing the space here for my boxes. And I found my old sheets in storage, which I didn't think were there! AND I WAS COOKING AND SOME OF MY BOWLS ARE STILL HERE!!!!

They are like friends that talk to me while I'm cooking. I have actually missed them.

I also have awesome house-mates, and there is a kitten who lives here!

It is a good day :)


The last two weeks have been full of good friends. Good distractions.

Today is the first day of loneliness, but that will change.

The desire to socialize is overwhelming, and so is the desire to get things done.

Working at the Tea-Bar will solve some of this.

Boundaries. Demarcation. Scheduled work time. Cannot be compromised.

But will be.

Back to 2004

I am spiraling backward to 2004.

It was time to choose a president.
My mutual funds were worth about $17 a share.
I was spending more time at the Emerson house.

All of these things are coming true again.

This time I will see what it is like to move in a different direction.


I am going through my ballot, and looking up people, so far everything has made sense until I compared the 4 candidates for Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor District 3.

The Candidates:

One of these candidates is not like the other...can you tell which one?

Absentee Voting is Awesome!

I can look up all of the county stuff online while I have the ballot in my hands.

I know I should do that before I go vote, but I don't.

Now I can take my time and carefully choose Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor, like a good citizen.

Things I learned today.

Today was a good day. Many tasks were completed, and I am slowly but surely realizing that I am leaving here in 3 days. For the first time in a while packing must be carefully planned because I am not driving and I need to bring everything for work.

It leads to a dilemma of the true priority of bringing costumes with me. Knowing full well that I have already ruined my Halloween by not being around people that I know.

Still, gotta make the most of it.

My sister took me to play Trivia at the corner bar tonight. Apparently it's a big thing in Atlanta. It was actually exactly like the Trivia in the Aqua Teen, where they play the trivia.

I learned a new word today: Wether.

It happened!

Okay something happened!

I was going through my backup drive and cleaning up the mp3s and such,
and I came across a folder of Blink 182, and I'm like, "I don't have that."
So I looked in it, and there was only one song, "Stay Together for the Kids."
I've never heard this song before, so I play it.

And Rock over London Rock over Chicago it's not "Stay Together for the Kids." by Blink 182,
it is in fact, "Casper the Homosexual Ghost." by Wesley Willis.

And now I can go to bed with a smile.